We Are the in Crowd Reunite

We Are the in Crowd

We Are The in Crowd talked with Alternative Press about getting the old band back together for SlamDunk.

JARDINE: I think [during] our entire career, We Are The In Crowd were based on last-minute decisions and a lot of accidents. [Laughs.] And so we’re just continuing that trend.

FERRI:: We’re nothing if not consistent.

ECKES: When it comes down to the wire, I think that’s when we really did the best shit.

JARDINE: You know, it’s funny, though. I’m becoming triggered just talking about this, and my anxiety is super-high now thinking like, “Oh, my God,” because I am such a planner. [Laughs.] Spring is going to come, my knees are going to be tapping, and I’m going to be sweating every morning wondering when Mike’s going to make the group chat. It’s going to be crazy.

FERRI: I have most of this figured out already.

JARDINE: I trust you.

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