Albums in Stores – Apr 12th, 2024

Albums in Stores

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Aaron West And The Roaring Twenties – In Lieu Of Flowers
Aetheriality – write the story, change the plot
And Hell Followed With – Untoward Perpetuity
Assurance – From Ruin: Volume II
Attacker – The God Particle
Belmont – Liminal
Benighted – Ekbom
Blue Öyster Cult – Ghost Stories
Bodega – Our Brand Could Be Yr Life
Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard – Skinwalker
Cadet Carter – Self-Maintenance
Danko Jones – Electric Sounds (Deluxe Edition)
Denihilist – Grief
Eidola – Eviscerate
English Teacher – This Could Be Texas
Evergloam – Nocturnal No More
Exist – Hijacking The Zeitgeist
False Reality – Path Of Self Destruct
Foxblood – Whalefall
GUN – Hombres
Gorguts / Disincarnate – And Then Comes Lividity & Soul Erosion (Split)
Greyhaven – Stereo Grief
Heavenly Blue – We Have The Answer
Heavy Temple – Garden Of Heathens
Imminence – The Black
Implore The Sky – Thirst Quenched By Despair
James – Yummy
Keepsake / Saving Face – The Ghost Of Us (Split)
Kharma – A World Of Our Own
Kris Barras Band – Halo Effect
Letters Sent Home – Forever Undone
Linkin Park – Papercuts (Singles Collection 2000-2023)
Lynks – Abomination
METZ – Up On Gravity Hill
Maggie Rogers – Don’t Forget Mediscuss
Mark Knopfler – One Deep River
Master The Crown – Bones To Ashes
Melonball – eup•nea
Necrot – Lifeless Birth
Nest – Endeavors
Nia Archives – Silence Is Loud
North Of Never – Dearly Departed
Northlane – Mirror’s Edge
Princess – Wishes For An Untimely Demise
Replicant – Infinite Mortality
Sarcasm – Morning Ghoul
Shabaka – Perceive Its Beauty, Acknowledge Its Grace
Smash Into Pieces – Ghost Code
Spit On Your Grave – Arkanum
Still Corners – Dream Talk
Still House Plants – If I Don’t Make It, I Love You
TRVE – Love Sex Machine
TUSKS – Gold
Take It In Blood – Roadmap Of Pain
Tarot – Glimpse Of The Dawn
The Acid Machine – Mushrooms
The Dark – Sinking Into Madness
The Feeling – San Vito
The Vision Bleak – Weird Tales
Tom Jenkins – Meadow Part 2
Týr – Battle Ballads
Vampire Weekend – Only God Was Above Us
Void Chapter – humAnIty (Deluxe Edition)
Voided – One
Vulture – Sentinels
girl in red – I’M DOING IT AGAIN BABY!discuss
sleepmakeswaves – It’s Here, But I Have No Names For It

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