Albums in Stores – Mar 29th, 2024

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A Perfect Circle / Primus / Puscifer – Sessanta E.P.P.P.
A Titan, A Deity – Eulogy
Aaron Lewis – The Hill
Abscissor – Metanoia
Archetypes Collide – Archetypes Collide (Deluxe Edition)
Beyoncé – Act II: Cowboy Carterdiscuss
Beyond Extinction – Nothing More Wretched (Deluxe Edition)
Black Bomb A – Unbuild The World
Boundaries – Death Is Little More
CNTS – Thoughts & Prayers
Cakes Da Killa – Black Sheep
Cantique Lépreux – Le Bannissement
Carrion Vael – Cannibals Anonymous
Chastity Belt – Live Laugh Love
Cheem – Fast Fashion
Child – Shitegeist
Coffin Storm – Arcana Rising
Coffins – Sinister Oath
Dent May – What’s For Breakfast?
Divided – Light Will Shine
Divine Destruction – Products Of Abomination
Don’t Be Afraid – Eterna
Ed Harcourt – El Magnifico
Enrique Iglesias – Final Vol. 2
Fluxing – >iron desolation
Fortune Teller – Premonitions
Frail Body – Artificial Bouquet
Givre – Le Cloître
Grayscale – Not Afraid To Die
Hate Force – Systems Of Terror
Hierophant – Gateway To The Abyss
High Llamas – Hey Panda
IAMONE – Following The Rabbit Hole
If Not For Me – Everything You Wanted
Illusionary – Bloodletter
Ivory Tower – Heavy Rain
J-Hope – Hope On The Street Vol. 1
Kelly Moran – Moves In The Field
Kólga – Black Tides
Lamniformes – The Lonely Atom
Lifebreather – Hope // Despair
Lust For Lily – Relinquish
Malphas – Portal
Meadows – Familiar With Pain
Moonbound – And Besides…
Mordran – The Midnight Woods
Mumbles – In The Pocket Of Big Sad
Mutilation Barbecue – Amalgamations Of Gore
Neversaid – Bond Over Blood
NØ MAN – Glitter And Spit
Preacher Stone – V
RATSALAD. – Bent Trees & Swanny Deez
Rage – Afterlifelines
Renesans – Born From The End
Ride – Interplay
Saint Saviour – Sunseeker
Septage – Septic Worship
Shadow Limb – Reclaim
Sheryl Crow – Evolution
Slowchamber – The Delay Of Suffering
Sons Of Alpha Centauri – Pull
Suffer – Grand Canvas Of The Aesthete
Sum 41 – Heaven :x: Helldiscuss
The Absence – The Absence
The Fever Haze – Moonbow
The Staves – All Now
Turnover – Myself In The Way Remixes
VENUES – Transience
VORGA – Beyond The Palest Star
Verberis – The Apophatic Wilderness
Vial – Burnout
Waxahatchee – Tigers Blood
Where Memories May Rot – Elevated Misery
While She Sleeps – Self Hell
Whiteweek – When Everything Breaks
Words Of Farewell – Stories To Forget
Wristmeetrazor – Degeneration

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