Albums in Stores – Dec 1st, 2023

Albums in Stores

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ACCVSED – House Of Doubt
Aggression – Frozen Aggressors
Animal Shithouse – Who Taught You To Hate?
Astray Valley – Midnight Sun
BJØRKØ – Heartrot
Beans On Toast – The Toothpaste And The Tube
Brojob – A Very Deathcore Christmas With Brojob 2
Broken Nightmares – Gloom
Calva Louise – Over The Threshold
Captain Jazz – Captain Jazz
Cobra Spell – 666
Codeseven – Go Let It In
Cryptosis – The Silent Call
Darknet – The Internet
Dead Icarus – Ad Infernum
Deadnerve – Unto Death
Demoncy – Black Star Gnosis
Dowsing – No One Said This Would Be Easy
Embrace Your Punishment – Made Of Stone
Everwave – Another Lifetime
Extortionist – Devoid
Fail Forward – Shadows
Field Medic – Dope Girl Chronicles
Forest Of Ember Skies – Alexithymia
Frontières – La Trilogie
Full Of Hell / Nothing – When No Birds Sang (Split)
Full of Hell and Nothing – When No Birds Sang
Fäust – At The Dawn Of Life Demise
Get Wrong – Get Wrong
Going Off – Kill List
Guilt Chip – Machine Language
Hawthorne Heights – If Only You Were Lonely XV
House Of Harm – Playground
Humour – A Small Crowd Gathered To Watch Me
Killing Me Softly – Autumn Lost In Silence
LiL Lotus – Nosebleeder
Liam Cromby – What Can I Trust, If I Can’t Trust Love
Love Minus Zero – L’Ecstasy
Mike Shinoda – The Crimson Chapter
Minor Threat – Out Of Step Outtakes
Off Lights – Back To Life
Orbit Culture – The Forgotten
Orphaned Land – A Heaven You May Create (Live In Tel Aviv)
Peter Gabriel – i/o
Plini – Mirage
Reap – Born From Plague
Return Address – Fault Of Introspection
Siiickbrain – My Masochistic Mind
Sleep Signals – Endure
Soulja Boy – Swag 6
Soulprison – Lucid Nightmare
Spector – Here Come The Early Nights
Swansong – Awakening
The Seafloor Cinema – The Seafloor Cinema
The Young Hearts – Somewhere Through The Night
Truant Kids – Heart
Unprocessed – …And Everything In Between
Varathron – The Crimson Temple
Visions Of Atlantis – A Pirate’s Symphony
Voice Of Ruin – Cold Epiphany
We Owe – Major Inconvenience
Within Destruction – Rebirth

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