Albums in Stores – Mar 1st, 2024

Albums in Stores

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A Somber Funeral – Summertime Sorrow
Alienist – Love/Hate
Angmodnes – Rot Of The Soul
Another Sky – Beach Day
Azell – Death Control
Ben Frost – Scope Neglect
Big Big Train – The Likes Of Us
Blazar – Fatal Cosmic Wound
Blind Channel – Exit Emotions
Blowfuse – The 4th Wall
Bo Ningen – The Holy Mountain Live Score
Brittany Davis – Image Issues
Bruce Dickinson – The Mandrake Project
Cabinet – Hydrolysated Ordination
Clarion Void – Failure In Repetition
Clouds Taste Satanic – 79 A.E.
Coco – 2
Coda Found – Vast
Cogitations – Relinquished
Daniel Romano’s Outfit – Too Hot To Sleep
Defocus – there is a place for me on earth
Devastator – Conjurers Of Cruelty
Dialeto – Pandelirium
Dirus – Caste Beneath The Firmament
Doro – Conqueress – Extended
Drill – Hommage
Einvigi – Monokroma
Enslaved – Heimdal (Deluxe Edition)
Everything Everything – Mountainhead
Fall Of Leviathan – In Waves
Fathomless Ritual – Hymns For The Lesser Gods
Faye Webster – Underdressed At The Symphony
Felix Martin – The Gathering
Firewind – Stand United
Footballhead – Overthinking Everything
Games We Play – Life’s Going Great
Gavran / Svjetlost – Ocean Of Silence
Habitants – Alma
Haunt – Dreamers
Hellgrimm – Sacrifice
Hollow Coves – Nothing To Lose
Initium – II
Jahari Massamba Unit – YHWH is LOVE
Kaiser Chiefs – Kaiser Chiefs’ Easy Eighth Album
Liam Gallagher & John Squire – Liam Gallagher John Squire
Lysistrata – Veil
Mannequin Pussy – I Got Heaven
Master Peace – How To Make A Master Peace
Metro Society – The London Conspiracy Chapter I 1898
Mulva – Bitter Form
Nadine Shah – Filthy Underneath
New Years Day – Half Black Heart
Nils Frahm – Day
Notion Blue – Out Of Exile
Pelican – Adrift / Tending The Embers
Pissed Jeans – Hald Divorced
Poisoned Seeds – Poisoned Seeds
Potence – Cinq Années De Nuit
Profane Burial – My Plateau
Projekt Gemineye – What’s On Your Mind?
Real Estate – Daniel
STRFKR – Parallel Realms
Saturnalia Temple – Paradigm Call
ScHoolboy Q – Blue Lips
Serpette – Serpette
Shallow Waters – All Colours Blur To One
Sheer Mag – Playing Favorites
Snakes Don’t Belong In Alaska – Navegando Al Paraiso
Sonic Boom Six – RE:Generation
Suicidal Angels – Profane Prayer
Suldusk – Anthesis
Sunspear – Sunspear
TKTWA – Eukaryotic
The Overlook – Weird Thing Factory
Tigers On Opium – Psychodrama
Unsufferable – Unsufferable
Uzlaga – Depthdweller
Volcandra – The Way Of Ancients
Waves In Autumn – Burning Season
We Follow The Earth – Extinct
Worst Doubt – Immortal Pain
Yard Act – Where’s My Utopia?
Zakk Sabbath – Doomed And Forever Doomed
lake j – Dizzy

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