Albums in Stores – May 24th, 2024

Albums in Stores

If you hit read more you can see all the releases we have in our calendar for the week. Hit the comments to access our forums and talk about what came out today, what albums you picked up, and to make mention of anything we may have missed.

Aaron Carter – The Recovery Album
Bess Atwell – Light Sleeper
Boneripper – World Ablaze
Bring Me The Horizon – Post Human: NeX GEn
Butcher’s Burial – The Evitative
Capstan – The Mosaic
Cevret – Sensus
DIIV – Frog In Boiling Water
Defects – Modern Error
Electron – Hollow
Evil Dead – Toxic Grace
Fly Over States – Ghosts
GIRLI – Matriarchy
Indication – Ataraxia Of The Phoenix
Kim Richey – Every New Beginning
La Luz – News Of The Universe
Lenny Kravitz – Blue Electric Light
Lost Trees – Hallucinate
Night Laser – Call Me What You Want
Old Man Luedecke – She Told Me Where To Go
Polkadot – …to be crushed
Puya – Potencial
RM – Right Place, Wrong Person
Red Handed Denial – A Journey Through Virtual Dystopia
Rotting Christ – Pro Xristoy
Say Anything – …Is Committeddiscuss
Single Wound – Death Is A Kindness
Softcult – Heaven
Twenty One Pilots – Clancydiscuss
Vale Of Pnath – Between The Worlds Of Life And Death
Vince Staples – Dark Timesdiscuss
Wallows – Modeldiscuss
Wiltwither – The Yellow Wallpaper
silverlake murder – Still Unknown

Thanks to helloiamzach for providing additional contributions to this week’s list. You can check out and support his weekly music podcast It’s Not A Phase or follow him on his socials.