Albums in Stores – May 31st, 2024

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Age Of Distraction – A Game Of Whispers
Arooj Aftab – Night Reign
Aseitas – Eden Trough
Bad Omens – Concrete Jungle (The OST)
Bat for Lashes – The Dream Of Delphi
Beaten To Death – Sunrise Over Rigor Mortis
Ben Platt – Honeymind
Black Sabbath – Anno Domini 1989–1995
Carnwennan – Lotus
Cobra The Impaler – Karma Collision
Crahda – Existential Turmoil
Crowded House – Gravity Stairs
Duff McKagan – Tenderness Live In Los Angeles
Eat Your Own Head – The Trawler
Enquire Within – Elysium
Exodus – British Disaster: The Battle Of ’89 (Live At The Astoria)
Fight The Fight – Shah Of Time
Fire From The Gods – Soul Revolution (Deluxe Edition)
Four Stroke Baron – Data Diamond
Gaffa Tape Sandy – Hold My Hand, God Damn It
Glassfires – Gemini
Gnod – Spot Land
Graywave – Dancing In The Dust
HRTLSS – Blood Moon
Halcyon Way – Night Crawling
Half Waif – Ephemeral Being
Hellbutcher – Hellbutcher
High Desert Queen – Palm Reader
House By The Cemetary – The Mortuary Hauntings
Idaho – Lapse
Idol Throne – A Clarion Call
Invent Animate – Heavener (Definitive)
Keaton Henson – Somnambulant Cycles
King Hannah – Big Swimmer
Lock Horns – Red Room
Look To Windward – The Last Scattering Surface
Lowlives – Freaking Out
Marjana Semkina – Sirin
Maya Hawke – Chaos Angel
My Diligence – Death. Horses. Black.
Nestor – Teenage Rebel
Neutrals – New Town Dream
Old Man Luedecke – She Told Me Where To Go
Rad Owl – Rage Gracefully
Raised On TV – Make Time To Make Time
Reliqa – Secrets Of The Future
Richard Hawley – In This City They Call You Love
Richard Thompson – Ship To Shore
Sam Jr. – Inner Shadow
Saving Vice – Good Days, Dead Eyes
Shrapnel – In Gravity
Super American – Gangster Of Lovediscuss
Swampbeast – Offering Of Chaos, Lamenting In The Blood Of Man
The Hope Conspiracy – Tools Of Oppression / Rule By Deception
The Menzingers – Some Of It Was True (Deluxe Edition)
The Spatulas – Beehive Mind
Thou – Umbilical
Unessential Oils – Unessential Oils
Wallows – Model
Witherfall – Sounds Of The Forgotten
Wormwood – The Star
Zero One – Faults In My Design

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