Miscellaneous Recommendations

Most of my recommendations can be found in nice little categories: Albums, movies, tv shows, books, software, podcasts, blogs, and audio-equipment. Or, when I post one-off recommendations they’re all under the “recommendation” tag. However, this is kind of a “catch-all” post for a bunch of different things that I think are great but don’t really have a place to put them. It doesn’t make sense for them to all be separate posts, so instead it’s a giant long list of links! I’ve added some commentary in a few places as well. I have personally used and recommend all of the products on this list and I’ll try and keep it updated semi-regularly for when you’re looking to buy new toys or find a cool gift for that special someone.


Apple Computers
I recommend Apple computers and laptops.

Apple TV
I think the current Apple TV running in conjunction with a Plex server is the best way to watch TV.

I think the iPhone is the best smartphone on the market.

iPad Pro
I think the iPad Pro is an incredible tablet and portable computer.

Nest Thermostat
I never thought I’d care enough to buy a smart thermostat, but the amount of money it has saved me, the convenience of being able to check and change the temperature when away from home, and the amount of compliments it gets from guests, has made it one of my favorite accessories.

Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 THX
These computer speakers rival most of my friend’s home entertainment systems. I’m a big fan of their clear sound and simple style.

Lutron Caseta Smart Lighting
This is the best HomeKit enabled smart lighting system I’ve tested. I use it throughout my place and love it.

AirPods Pro
I had no idea how badly I wanted simple, wireless, earbuds until I got the AirPods. I absolutely love them.

Amazon Echo
Walking into the house and asking the Echo to turn on the lights, or turn everything off and dim the living room for “movie lights” was the selling feature for me. I went from not understanding why anyone would need one of these to finding it almost indispensable when I walk into the kitchen late at night with an armful of groceries.

Kindle Paperwhite
I think this is the best Kindle from a price to performance ratio.

LG Electronics OLED65C7P 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED TV
I absolutely adore this television. It’s the best TV I’ve ever owned by a massive margin.

Nintendo Switch
It’s my favorite gaming console, maybe ever.

amCase Carrying Case for Nintendo Switch
I’ve been really happy with this simple case for storing cables and controllers out of the way.

Feiyen Outlet Wall Mount Hanger
I received a couple Amazon Dot’s (2nd generation) for free, and this little gadget is a great way to put a Dot in a room by just attaching it to a outlet. It’s nice to have access to Alexa in virtually every room without needing it to take up much space.

Blueair Blue Pure 211+ Air Purifier
We have two cats and I have very bad seasonal allergies. This is the air purifier we have in our bedroom, and maybe it’s a placebo, but I believe I breathe better because of it.

Sonos Speakers
We have two Sonos Ones and one Sonos Five in the kitchen/living room area. I love them.


My Home Office
I wrote an entire blog post detailing my current home office.

Nomad Magnetic Stand
I have two of these on the bedside tables.1

Elevation Headphone Anchor
Fantastic little anchor for hiding your headphones under your desk but within reach.

MoKo iPad Pro Sleeve
I currently store my iPad Pro in this very simple sleeve.

TotalMount – Apple TV Universal Mounting Kit
I use one of these to mount the Apple TV to the back of the TV in the bedroom.

BlueLounge CableBox
I use multiple BlueLounge Cableboxes around the house to take a bunch of messy cables and store them out of the way. I’ve got one under my desk and one under the couch in the living room.

MOS Spring Lightning Cables
I think these are the absolute best lightning cables available. They come with a lifetime guarantee.

GoRuck Backpacks
There’s a reason these packs are so highly regarded. They’re exceptionally well made, tough, clean, and worth it. I think the GR1 is the best backpack in the world and I also use love their kit bag for a simple over night bag.

GoRuck Field Pockets
I love these field pockets for keeping my bags organized.

GoRuck Packing Cubes
I use these when packing for trips. They’re great in suitcases or a kit bag.

Zebra F-301 Pens
I love the solid metal casing and weight of these pens. I stash them everywhere.

Moleskine Graph Paper Notebook
This notebook combines the size and kind of paper I like best for writing notes, sketching out ideas or designs, or simply trying to get thoughts down while get away from a computer for a few hours.

These are incredible notebooks for keeping on your desk for notes and, in my case, sketching out new design ideas.

Fenix LD12 LED Flashlight
I love this flashlight. It’s a powerful little guy that’s perfect for if the power goes out or in your emergency kit.

NightStand for Apple Watch
My favorite Apple Watch dock. Nothing fancy and smaller than you’d expect.

Spyderco HoneyBee
A simple, great, and tiny everyday carry keychain knife.

Xthel Titanium Keychain Beer Bottle Opener
A light weight and very simple keychain bottle opener.

Leather iPhone Cases
I like both the official Apple leather case and those made by Bullstrap.

Tactile Turn Pens
These are exquisitely made pens.

Apple Watch Bands
I move between the official solo loop and the braided loop for everyday wear. When I want to be fancy, I like the Arrow & Board leather band and Archer’s nylon strap (in the James Bond colors, of course).


Merkur Long Handled Chrome Safety Razor
Fantastic double-edged safety razor.

Feather Hi-Stainless Platinum Razor Blades
These are extremely sharp double edged razor blades and I would recommend trying a variety of blades to see what works best on your skin and only move up to these after you’ve mastered a technique.

Taylor of Old Bond Shaving Cream for Sensitive Skin
My favorite shaving cream, I’ve tried others, but I always come back to this.

Taylor of Old Bond Street Aftershave
It’s on the more expensive side, but you only need a little of this aftershave.

Escali 100% Badger Brush
Great shaving brush.

Kent Brushes and Combs
Fantastic, handmade combs and brushes in many sizes for any hair style or length.

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Liquid Hand Soap
Basil scent – because it cleans well, smells great, and is awesome.

Fisherman’s Friend Cough Suppressants
Simply the best cough drops.

Barton Perrera Eyeglasses
My eyewear of choice.


AeroPress (Coffee Maker)
Secret to great coffee: Good beans, a good grinder, hot water, and an Aeropress.

Baratza Virtuoso Coffee Grinder
I use it every single morning to grind coffee. Incredible burr grinder.

Cuisinart CPK-17 Electric Kettle
I’ve been extremely happy with this electric kittle. The different temp presets are fantastic.

Anova Culinary Bluetooth Precision Cooker
This precision cooker (also known as sous vide cooking) has changed how I cook.

Miir 360 Traveler
My current morning coffee delivery system.

Purist Water Bottles
I love these stainless steel bottles. I drink from one every day. Incredibly well made.

Frywall – Splatter Guard
The frywall is a fantastic splatter guard to use on pans while cooking on the stove. It really does help keep oil/food splatter down and makes clean up a breeze.

Gir Spatula
These are my favorite spatulas. Great construction. Great design.

Gir Reusable Straws
These are great for iced coffee or anytime you need a straw.

Zeroll 1020 Ice Cream Scoop
It’s the classic ice cream scoop for a reason.

Prepworks Magnetic Measuring Spoons
I’m a big fan of these measuring spoons. The dual head and magnetic features are great.

Miir Coffee Canister
A stylish way to store and keep coffee fresh.


MagicFiber Microfiber Cleaning Cloths
Easily the best cleaning cloths I’ve found for glasses, iPhones, and computer screens.

Earasers Musicians Ear Plugs
As I’ve gotten older I’ve embraced that I need ear plugs at concerts. These hide well in your ears and are the most comfortable version I’ve found.

Earasers Ear Plug Carrying Case Black
I use this to carry around said ear plugs so they don’t get lost or gross.

PetBonus 3-Pack Pet Food Can Spoon
I’m weirded out using human food spoons with the wet cat food. So I use these. They’re great.

Serenilite Stress Ball
My favorite desk toy.

UPDATE • Nov 9, 2023


These items were on the main list at one point, but have subsequently been archived. Most of the times it’s because I have moved on to something else and no longer use it regularly.

UE Mini-Boom Bluetooth Speaker
I use this mini-bluetooth speaker all the time. It’s the main way I listen to podcasts in the kitchen while cooking or eating, while cleaning the house, or in the bathroom when I shower and shave. Surprisingly good sound from such a little device.

Blue Yeti Microphone
This is the microphone I use to record our podcast. (I recommend using a pop filter with it.)

Incase Shoulder Bags / Sleeves
I am a big fan of Incase’s shoulder bags and neoprene sleeves (I prefer the ones without zippers).

Pack and Smooch Sleeves
These felt and leather iPad sleeves are great and classy for heading out the door.

Bellroy Wallets
I carry a black slim-sleeve wallet and love it.

  1. With a piece of Alien Tape on the bottom.