2018 Holiday Gift Guide

In what has become a December tradition, I’ve put together a little holiday gift guide of things that I think are worth your time. I have also updated my recommendations posts for movies, tv shows, books, software, podcasts, headphones, and miscellaneous stuff around the house, so the things on this list will be more focused on stuff not included in those posts and more geared toward things I’ve come across in the past year or so and think would make excellent gifts. As always, I only recommend things I’ve personally used and loved.

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Under $10

Titanium Keychain Beer Bottle Opener
I like to keep my keychain and everyday carry items as minimal as possible, and this little bottle opener is super simple and pure function.

Quick Peek Smart Label System
If you have a lot of things in boxes, or storage, or are planning a move … these are fantastic. You scan them in on the free app, take photos of what’s in the box, and then smack the sticker on the side. My summer project was organizing our closets and storage unit with these. And it’s saved me so much time having all this information about where everything is, in what box, in what place, all in a searchable database.

Mark Hoppus Funko
Most Funko toys are under ten bucks, but this one, in particular, is a must for any Blink-182 fan. The hair, the pink guitar, it’s the perfect desk accessory.

Miles Morales: Spider-Man #1
If you know someone that is into, or wants to get into, comic books, then this new series is starting in mid-December and should be a great place to jump in. Spider-Man is awesome, Miles is awesome, and the team behind this book are all great. So, pick up the first issue for someone and let them enter the world of comic books and Spider-Man. It’s a gift that can start a fandom that can last a lifetime.

I’ve watched and recommended quite a few movies this year, but I think my favorites and those that would make great gifts include: Eighth Grade, Mission Impossible: Fallout, Love Simon, and Upgrade.

Under $25

Get it Right Silicone Ultimate Spatula
These are super uncomplicated but great spatulas. I recommend ordering two or three and just having them around the kitchen. They’re easy to clean and no fuss.

Canvas City Maps
I think these simple maps of different cities make great gifts. These are my personal favorite due to the clean design and color choices.

Thug Kitchen
Put the name of the book and the gimmick of swearing aside and just enjoy the food. There are some fantastic meals in here that are unique, easy to make, and help spark the imagination when you have no idea what to cook. The other book, based on faster to prepare foods, is also good. The peach salsa burrito has become a staple around our house.

Lots of us work in front of a computer each day and want, or need, to have a notebook near to jot down notes, sketch out ideas, or leave ourselves reminders. This is my favorite notebook by far. I use it to brainstorm almost every website decision I make. The size is perfect, the design impeccable.

Wool trilogy by Hugh Howey
These three sci-fi novels are a relatively fast read, but a whole lot of fun.

Oregon Marionberry Whiskey
It’s a unique take on whiskey, but I can’t argue with the results.

Punk Beer
A variety of bands have released branded beer and brews from MxPx, Strung Out, Manchester Orchestra, and Pennywise are perfect for that beer-loving punk fan in your life.

Under $50

NightStand for Apple Watch
If you have an Apple Watch in your life, I love this little stand and charger.

Friday Night Lights
One of my favorite shows of all time and the complete series is always a great gift. It’s also available on Prime or iTunes.

Gifting someone a software subscription to an app they might not buy for themselves is a great way to introduce someone to great software they may not know about. Plus, they’ll think of you all year long when they use the app. I love the writing/text/note app Ulysses, a 1Password subscription is a great idea (a family subscription for your entire clan gets you a present too), and MyFitnessPal completely changed my life last year as I finally found a system that helped me lose weight and eat better.

Under $100

MLB At Bat
Know a baseball fan? Get them a team subscription so they can watch every single game from their favorite team. I got back into baseball last year and this was one of the best purchases I made all year.

Bellroy makes fantastic products for both men and women. I love my wallet, and I got Hannah, my fiancé, one for our anniversary. She tells me it’s her favorite wallet she’s ever owned.

GoRuck Field Pocket/Packing Cubes
The field pockets are perfect for cables, cords, or anything you need to separate and organize in your backpack, and the packing cubes are incredibly useful in suitcases or kit bags/overnight bags. An organized backpack is a must, but using these packing cubes completely changed my packing game for trips.

Over $100

Kindle Paperwhite
I didn’t think I’d like, or need, a Kindle until I was gifted one last year for Christmas. I was almost immediately converted. It’s light, easy to read, works with most libraries, and led to a massive increase in my reading this year. I can say I was wrong about Kindles; I love this thing. The new version is waterproof and comes with more storage. (My only complaint is the tactile feel of the device is a little too chalky for my tastes. I put a DecalGirl glossy all black skin on the back, and it solved that minor quibble for me.)

Nintendo Switch
They’re expensive, and you don’t need me to pitch you on it, but the Nintendo Switch is as great as you’ve heard. It’s just fun to play. As someone that’s not what anyone would call a “gamer,” the joy of playing MarioKart and Overcooked has been a welcome addition to my life.

Arguably one of my favorite pieces of technology I own and inarguably one of my most used. They’re fantastic and have become virtually the only earbuds I ever want to wear. Experiencing true wireless headphones, with an easy connection and incredible range, I truly don’t know what I’d do without them.

Any Amount

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