Preparing for Record Store Day

This weekend is Record Store Day. A time for vinyl nerds to rejoice in a weekend dedicated to their passion, or wax poetic about how it was so much better before it got so popular. Thomas and I discuss this on the podcast this week, but, in preparation for the big day, I asked our friend William Angelos from Creep Records in Philadelphia to put together a write-up of the releases he’s most looking forward to and what to be on the lookout for as you make your way to your local shop.

The following was written by William Angelos of Creep Records and lightly edited by me.

The Appleseed CastPeregrine [2LP]

180 gram, colored vinyl, gatefold, download, indie-retail exclusive

Appleseed Cast is one of those bands that should probably be just as big as Sunny Day Real Estate. Sure, people know about them and they have an intense, appreciative fanbase most would kill for, but they still seem under-appreciated. Peregrine is the album you should have if you love that early emo sound from bands like SDRE and Mineral. Their die-hard fanbase and lack of represses, up until this point, have left copies of this album cracking the $100 mark. 10th Anniversary Edition

All-American RejectsMove Along [LP]

Clear with red and blacks swirl, gatefold, numbered, indie-retail exclusive

All-American Rejects recently repressed their Tim O’Heir helmed debut, self-titled, album. With that repress I’ve seen some younger fans discover this band for the first time, and many others re-discover their undeniable pop dominance. With their mainstream hype dissipating, many who steered clear of the band in their heyday are finding a new appreciation for the band — with good reason. This rediscovery should continue with this Move Along Record Store Day repress. Colored vinyl with a black smoky swirl can also look amazing when it comes out right, so I’m definitely excited to see this one.

ChvrchesRemix [12″ EP]

4 tracks, indie-retail exclusive

Remixes are a tricky thing. I’ve been disappointed so many times that I don’t even give them much of a chance anymore. That being said: anyone that has heard the remixes on this record are aware of how incredible these tracks are. DJs that still spin records and serious Chvrches fans are going to love this one.

Circa / MWY Split
Circa / MWY Split

Circa Survive / mewithoutyouSplit [7″]

Previously unreleased tracks, limited to 2500, indie-retail exclusive

Creep Records is a Philadelphia-based label/store/studio. We actually recorded MWY’s first EP at our studio. Record Store Day has always been a day for some crazy awesome split 7″s, but this one ranks at the top. We not only get Circa Survive and mewithoutyou but they give us unreleased tracks and absolutely stunning colors on this vinyl. This release is going to absolutely fly off the shelves. Circa Survive released a 7″ on Record Store Day a couple years ago and a couple guys from the group laughed that we had copies when they didn’t even have them. Buy two and gift one to Anthony Green this year.

J DillaThe Diary [LP+7″]

Unreleased, limited to 5000, indie-retail exclusive

J Dilla is cited by an endless amount of producers and legends as their primary inspiration. The Diary is heralded by many to be his opus and yet it’s never been released before. Finally, on Record Store Day, we get the Dilla release on vinyl we’ve been waiting for. It’s unfortunate that he is no longer here to enjoy this moment, as he was known for his love of vinyl.

Man ManSix Demon Bag [LP]

Limited to 1500, indie-retail exclusive

Man Man’s Six Demon Bag is arguably their best album. Their shows during this time period have become legend and many of these songs are still setlist staples. Until now, Six Demon Bag was only on a 10″, but here we have 1500 copies on a 12″. Don’t miss your chance to grab one.

mewithoutYouTen Stories [LP]

Clear with red/orange/yellow splatter, includes reimagined and expanded packaging, download, limited to 1500, indie-retail exclusive

mewithoutYou’s Ten Stories is a concept album I have always loved. When you take the imagination of Aaron Weiss, a concept album, and “reimagined and expanded packaging” on Record Store Day, I cannot wait to grab this one and pour over every detail. One reason vinyl has had a resurgence is because of the artwork and packaging that has become more and more creative. I can’t wait to see what a band like mewithoutyou does with it.

NOFXSid & Nancy / A Eulogy for Gaia [7″]

Colored, both tracks previously unreleased, limited to 750, indie-retail exclusive

NOFX is releasing a couple of original unreleased demos. This is a throwback release for the hardcore NOFX fans and depending on who you believe — very limited. Fat Mike said this release was limited to 3000 in his promotional video but the official notes say 750, so it might be one to grab if you see it. Fat Mike has been known to lie after all.1

Ol Dirty Bastard - RSD
Ol Dirty Bastard

Ol Dirty BastardBrooklyn Zoo / Shimmy Shimmy Ya [12″]

Food stamp shaped picture disc, limited to 2500, indie-retail exclusive

If Record Store Day is known for one thing, to me, it’s at least one crazy-shaped vinyl. In past years, we’ve seen J Dilla do a “Fuck Tha Police” release shaped like a badge, Twenty One Pilots did a 7″ shaped like the state of Ohio, and Paramore did a 7″ that looked like half of a 12″. Ol Dirty Bastard’s release this year is shaped, apparently, like his actual food stamp badge from back in the day. I absolutely love these releases, especially when its great songs, and you get to watch a weird shape spin on your record player.

PinbackBlue Screen Life [2LP]

180 gram, blue and white splatter, gatefold, limited to 1500, indie-retail exclusive

Pinback’s Blue Screen Life is the second release from the band. Like many other classic Ace Fu Records releases (this one has not been pressed in quite some time. As a result it’s usually only to be found on vinyl for around $100.

Run The JewelsVRTJ Viewer

Limited to 3000, indie-retail exclusive

I am extremely excited about this unique release. This little box unfolds into a viewer with an area to put your smartphone as the screen. Then you scan in the code to start an immersive virtual reality Run The Jewels; video. You also receive a download code for a new Run The Jewels track and considering that this duo hasn’t released anything less than incredible (including their Meow The Jewels vinyl release that had faux fur on the cover), I’m truly looking forward to this one.

Twenty One PilotsA Few Older Ones / Doubt [7″]

Double-sided, unreleased live tracks, limited to 7500, indie-retail exclusive

As mentioned earlier, Twenty One Pilots released their Ohio-shaped vinyl last year and I’m not sure we ever had so many 13-year olds in our store at one time looking to track that down. Twenty One Pilots is not only releasing a 7″ but also some RSD exclusive shirts. Twenty One Pilots set a pretty high RSD bar last year and we’re hoping they deliver again this year.

SublimeJah Won’t Pay The Bills [LP]

First time on vinyl, 25th anniversary of Sublime’s first cassette EP, 420 random copies will be on green vinyl, indie-retail exclusive

It seems unreal that there is a Sublime release that has never been released on vinyl. However, Jah Won’t Pay The Bills, Sublime’s first cassette EP, never had the vinyl treatment … until now. 420 random copies being green is another fun little extra for fans. It’s always fun watching customers tear releases like this open after they leave the store, hoping for that limited release.

PhishHoist [2LP]

180 gram, audiophile, orange/pink splatter, first time on vinyl, remastered, download, limited to 4500, indie-retail exclusive

I don’t know how many Phish fans are out there2 but they do have an extremely rabid fanbase. Hoist, to many of their fans, is the release that introduced them to the band. Somehow, it has never been on vinyl until now. There will be a release on black vinyl in a month, but Phish fans have never been known to settle for the more widely released version. I’ll make a bet that many of the fans you see waiting in line this year at 4am will be Phish fans waiting for this beautifully colored vinyl that matches the album art perfectly.

Self Defense FamilyThe Power Does Not Work In the Presence Of Nonbelievers [12″]

Limited to 100, indie-retail exclusive

Well, it doesn’t get much more limited that this. (Besides that Wu-Tang’s release that PharmaBro bought.) If you see this one at your local record store, grab it. Self Defense Family is pretty great anyway, but you’ll want this one purely as a vinyl collector.

What are you thinking of picking up? Check out our official forum thread for Record Store Day 2016 to discuss what you have your eye on.

  1. Like the 25th Fat Wreck Anniversary happening on the 24th anniversary or Fat Mike urinating into a bottle and pouring it out as shots.

  2. Editor’s note: Marco?