Interview: Yours Truly

Yours Truly

Yours Truly released their sophomore LP Self Care this September through UNFD. I caught up with the band to discuss a little bit about the process of recording a music video – for their excellent “Funeral Home” – during quarantine conditions.

Could you tell me a little bit about what “Funeral Home” is about?

Funeral Home was written after going to a funeral and realising how odd it is to be in a room of people you’re related to because someone has died. I was thinking about how sad it is that you miss the life of someone you have the same blood as and all of a sudden in tragedy everyone suddenly comes together as family yet then won’t talk until the next one.

What was the concept behind the video?

The concept behind the video was to show the perspective of the protagonist who has lost someone close to them. They’re still grieving during the wake while the attendees are enjoying themselves and are almost oblivious to the protagonist and the hurt he is feeling. 

What was it like shooting a music video during the pandemic?

We were lucky that our restrictions had started to ease so all we had to do was supply hand sanitiser and keep the amount of extras and crew under a capacity of 20 indoors.

Why did you decide to title the record Self Care?

Because it sums up the album – the songs are about self growth, and when to know that its time to take care of yourself

What are some good self-care practices during quarantine?

Everyone is different, so find what relaxes you, takes your mind off the present, or you just enjoy – and follow that. For us we enjoy lighting some candles, running a hot bath, face masks and finding a new favourite show on Netflix.