Interview: Whitehall


Recently I was able to catch up with Charleston-based indie rock band, Whitehall, to chat about their upcoming new LP Maizy, out everywhere music is sold on May 5th. Whitehall is Paddy Mckiernan (Vocals/Guitar), Avery Green (Guitar), Brennan Clark (Bass), and Davis Rowe (Drums). I asked the band about their approach to writing great singles like, ”Pull,” as well as what they hope others will take away from listening to their music. The band has toured with pop-rock giants like the Goo Goo Dolls, and appear poised and ready for their moment.

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Interview: Charlotte Sands

Charlotte Sands

This past week, I was able to catch up with Charlotte Sands for an interview about her new single called “Alright.” We also discussed who her trusted “inner circle” of people are when she wants to get feedback on her music, plus how she feels about being asked to be on so many high-profile collaborations. Charlotte Sands has major plans for this year, including an extensive headlining tour, and is ready for her moment.

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Interview: Robot Monster

Robot Monster

Recently I was able to connect with a band named Robot Monster to discuss their new single, called “Out.” The band is comprised of singer/guitarist Will Brennan and drummer Logan Sidle, with their sound drawing comparisons to rock bands like Fuel, Stone Temple Pilots and Rage Against the Machine. In this interview, I also asked the band about their core influences, as well as any dream collaborations that they would love to make happen one day.

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Interview: Drowse – Three Faces (Cyanoacrylate) (Song Premiere + Interview)


Drowse has delivered some of the best electronic and experimental music over the past few years dating back to their 2018 Flenser debut Cold Air. Now four years later with death, pandemic, and intense introspection all occurring in between, Kyle Bates is back with Drowse’s stunning fourth album, Wane Into It. As challenging as it is dark, Wane Into It explores how we curate the memories we want others to remember us by and how the internet plays an integral role in that. It’s a hyperrealistic and surreal look into loss, death, and all the anxiety that gets wrapped up into it. Today we are proud to premiere the final taste of Wane Into It before it releases on November 11th – the penultimate track “Three Faces (Cyanoacrylate).” A gentle acoustic strum paces the eight-and-a-half minute track before descending into sinister tones, all while Bates airy vocals chronicle what we lose due to distance and memory. But before we get into that, Kyle and I discussed the new record, what spurred some of the themes on Wane Into It, and ultimately what he hopes this record accomplishes. Check that out and “Three Faces (Cyanoacrylate)” below.

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Interview: Chris Lewis and Scott Russo of Unwritten Law

Unwritten Law

Recently I was able to schedule a Zoom call with Chris Lewis (lead guitarist) and Scott Russo (lead vocalist) of Unwritten Law to discuss the band’s latest album, The Hum. In this interview, we chatted about the 20th anniversary of Elva, the legacy of Unwritten Law, as well as the songs they are most excited to play live during their upcoming headlining tour of the United States.

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Interview: Cody Votolato of J.R. SLAYER


Recently I was able to schedule a Zoom interview with Cody Votolato (The Blood Brothers) to discuss his latest musical offering called J.R. SLAYER. In this interview we discussed his new EP called Not Rotten as well as the new single of the same name. Additionally, we discussed what keeps him motivated as an artist, the bands he’s influenced by, as well as much more. You can purchase Not Rotten here.

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Interview: Caracara


Recently I was able to catch up on the road with the ultra-talented band, Caracara, for an in-depth interview about the process they took while recording their latest record New Preoccupations. I asked the band about specific songs like “My Thousand Eyes,” “Colorglut” and more as well as what went into deciding the final tracklisting for the album. Be sure to catch Caracara on their current US tour with Sad Park and Heart To Gold.

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All Things Go Festival Creator Summit: Interview With Bartees Strange

Bartees All Things Go Feature

Over the weekend, I was in attendance for the All Things Go Festival and specifically the “Creator Summit” that featured several key interviews of All Things Go artists like Bartees Strange, and Empress Of. I was able to record the full interview session of NPR’s Marissa Lorusso’s “Fireside Chat” with Bartees Strange, where he shared his unique story that led to his critical acclaim and commercial success. The event took place in the heart of Washington D.C., at the Eaton Hotel’s Beverly Snow Room.

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