Planes Fly Fast (Encore Episode 130)

Encore 130

This week’s podcast finds the hosts talking about traveling and the routines related to flying. We discuss (as spoiler free as possible) ‘Stranger Things,’ we gush about the new The Menzingers’ song, and we talk about Green Day’s new one as well. We also talk about looking up tour dates, song lyrics, and what bands may end up standing the test of time and why. We finish up with some Olympics talk. Because OLYMPICS!


Gauntly: Whelmed Records have just released the new album by Gauntly called Mire. The album is out right now on all digital outlets and is fans of lo-fi acoustic rock that has drawn comparisons to Bright Eyes, Elvis Depressedly, Iron & Wine, and Soft Fangs — today we play a little clip of the song called called “Caustic.” Definitely check this one out.

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Show Notes

  • Pre-show: Go figure, we talk about Blue Apron some more (Thomas’ blog). Also: Stranger Things (here’s that David Chang article Thomas mentions), traveling routines because Thomas had back-to-back trips, and something about shoes.
  • Listeners questions: Clarifying a statement about why The Hotelier doesn’t seem like a band Thomas will still listen to when he grows older, what resources we use for looking up lyrics we’d like to have more background information on, and how we keep track of tours coming to our areas.
  • In the news: The Menzingers released a terrific new song called “Lookers” and Green Day released a track called “Bang Bang” from their forthcoming album.
  • JT Recommends: Stranger Things and its soundtrack, the movie Sing Street and its soundtrack, the movie The Nice Guys.
  • TN Recommends: All Get Out announced a tour with Gates and Microwave, the video game No Man’s Sky for PS4 (here’s a cool feature I read about its development) and also Stranger Things.


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