Amy Shark Talks (Almost) New Found Glory

Amy Shark

Amy Shark talked with Mary Varvaris of The Music, and dropped this little tidbit about almost touring in New Found Glory:

Another moment where Shark nearly lost her mind was when she nearly became the touring guitarist for the pop-punk band New Found Glory. Shark has contacts in the pop-punk scene, nabbing blink-182’s Mark Hoppus for her Love Monster track Psycho and developing friendships with other bands. Shark’s come a long way from the days of being a “sweaty little emo”.

The story goes: “I surprisingly talk to a lot of them [pop-punk bands] now. Like, I’ve spoken to Deryck [Whibley] from Sum 41 and I’ve spoken to New Found Glory. I nearly went on tour with New Found Glory, playing in their band,” Shark says. “That’s something I haven’t said out loud! But I had Australian Idol, and that was coming about the same time we were working out if I was going to do Idol or not.

“One of their guitarists [Chad Gilbert, who was receiving intense chemotherapy for a rare cancer called pheochromocytoma in February 2023] is not well, and I’m like, I know so many New Found Glory songs. They’re like, ‘Do you want to come and be in the band?’ And I was like, What a crazy idea, but I kind of like it! So, yeah, I nearly went on tour with them.”