MuMu – “Honeymoon Love” (Video Premiere)

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, MuMu have returned with a new music video for “Honeymoon Love.” On this love-filled track, MuMu have crafted a song that is sure to leave a smile on your face. The video features a collaboration with Zeno Mountain Farm and MuMu shared this about the music video, I hope this video reminds us that diversifying our friend groups doesn’t have to happen in designated spaces like Zeno. We can reach out to our neighbors, strike up a conversation on the bus, or share a dance with someone who walks/talks/thinks differently than you. We shot this video in two hours, with zero dollars and infinite love. I was also able to catch up with this artist for a brief interview below.

What was your introduction to Zeno Mountain Farm, and how did you decide to return to that community with regard to your newest single, and this new music video as well? How would you say your relationship with everyone you met there has impacted you?

Zeno has a way of pulling people into their magical orbit. Once you’re in, you’re in for life. It’s an organization made up of creatives with all types of abilities and based on friendship. I was brought to Zeno Mountain Farm by a friend back in 2016.  She and I had a travel blog called ‘Globerollers’ where we rolled all over the world writing about accessibility. I rollerblade, she wheelchairs. It’s a thing. We went there because they seemed like-minded in creativity and messaging. Soon after that, I ended up as head songwriter on their first feature-length film Best Summer Ever, which is now streaming on Hulu. 

Last summer I asked if Zeno would shoot a music video with me for my new song, “Honeymoon Sex.” They said yes but they wanted to keep it PG, so I changed the title to “Honeymoon Love” and then it was ‘lights, camera, action’.  I love making anything and everything with Zeno. Every single person in this video is a dear friend of mine who I’m extremely grateful to know. 

Can you describe the general message of your track “Honeymoon Sex,” and why you chose to re-imagine it for this Valentine’s Day video, “Honeymoon Love”? What is the most important message you want your listeners to take away from this video?

My single “Honeymoon Sex” was a love child between my desire for connection and fear of commitment. I knew the Zeno crew would kick ass in making a video for it.  After the shoot I put a raunchy edit together and ran it by the Zeno directors. They shot it down so fast. The Zeno community is full of dynamic, talented, and infinitely loving individuals. They wanted better representation of that. So in the second edit, I changed the word “sex” to “love” (thank you Jamie Lawrence for remixing this with record setting speed) and told some of the love stories of Zeno Mountain Farm. 

Valentine’s Day is a capitalist, self-seeking, often self-loathing piece of bullshit of a day. This video is an effort to offset the emphasis we have on romance equaling self-worth. It’s meant to balance out the self-seeking with gratitude. And as for the capitalism, this video cost $0 to make and I think it’s pretty damn great. We don’t need more love. We just need to ask more questions and learn how to support the one’s we’re with.

What’s next for MuMu in 2023?

I’m touring and working on my first album now. It’s a painful and incredible experience.