Apple’s WWDC Round-Up

Apple’s developer conference, WWDC, was on Monday. Since I was laying in bed trying not to move, I missed the keynote and all the festivities. MacStories has a great run down of the new iOS features:

Apple spent a lot of time this year focusing on performance improvements that make iOS run better on a wide assortment of devices. In iOS 12, even though your iPhone or iPad may not be getting a major Home screen redesign or anything similarly noticeable, one change Apple hopes you will recognize is that your device runs better than ever before.

And the new macOS features:

Apple announced a system-wide Dark Mode, a feature rumored and requested by Mac users for years. During the keynote, Apple showed off Dark Mode with apps like Mail, Messages, Maps, Calendar, and Photos. A developer API will be available so dark mode can be added to third-party apps too.

And Six Colors has a write-up of some of the smaller details that didn’t make the keynote. Once I’m able to move for more than a few minutes at a time, I’m sure I’ll have more thoughts. Looks like some nice performance updates and little additions that should make everyday use better.