Bert McCracken Talks New Album With Alt Press

The Used

Bert from The Used talked with Alt Press about their upcoming album:

We make music because we love to write songs. It’s not only fun for us, but we’ve been doing it for so long, we feel like we’re pretty good at it. Then we get to have even more fun taking it out on the road and seeing how the songs translate live. All of the other stuff can be a distraction and get in the way. But we’re not a brand-new band, so we get to avoid all the perils and traps of social media because we already have an established place in the music industry. It’s nice [that] we don’t really have to concern ourselves with so much of the horribly depressing parts of what’s really special. Good music will always shine through all of the horrible things that surround the music industry. Punk rock has always been for those who take a chance. Punk rock is meant to be the alternative to what is popular. I think everybody should take their lives back and quit billionaire social media programs. But that’s just me.