Conor Oberst and Waxahatchee Talk Songwriting Tips

Bright Eyes

Conor Oberst and Waxahatchee trade songwriting tips in a new interview over at Consequence:

Crutchfield: That’s pretty much exactly how I do it. It takes me so long to write lyrics, so I collect all of these vocal melodies and just sort of have them in my back pocket. When I finally sit down to write words, it’s like the most painful and torturous process, and it takes so long.

Oberst: Not to butter your bread, but your melodies are always so incredible. And then to have that with the amazing lyrics and your voice is insane. Total package over there. I feel like the lyric writing is the easiest thing for me. Do you ever write something that you’re stoked about, and then you realize that it’s already a song?