Country Radio Quickly Removing Morgan Wallen From Playlists After Racial Slur

Morgan Wallen, who has had the number one album in the country the past few weeks, is being removed from country radio and various high-profile playlists after using a racial slur over the weekend.

Said one figure in country radio who did not want to comment for attribution: “Morgan Wallen appears in virtually every half-hour of music across 4000 stations across America right now. How’d you like to get that message at midnight, that you have to take him out of the music blocks you already set up for Wednesday? If anybody has other songs they’ve been wanting to hear in the morning, they may get to hear them tomorrow.”

DSPs also appeared to be taking action. As of late Tuesday night, Wallen, who has been called the biggest out-of-the-box streaming success in country music history, did not appear anywhere among the dozens of photos or track listings or playlists on the home page of Apple Music Country, where observers said he had been featured earlier in the day. And his songs were no longer anywhere to be seen in Spotify’s list of 50 top Hot Country songs.