Fuse Talks With John Feldmann

Fuse spoke with John Feldman about working with Blink-182 on their new album:

It gave me goosebumps on the spot. I thought, “This is it.” In my mind I knew I had the job. Then he started playing bass chords and I was like, “Fuck, I’m in love with this guy.” That was the first song we did together as a group. [Matt] Skiba came in, he’s the new guy, he liked that Mark liked it. He wrote the whole second verse. He came in and sang it in one pass, he’s that kind of guy. He crushed it in one take. At the end of the track Travis asked, “Why don’t you give me one minute of click and let me just play whatever the fuck I want?” which is how the ending of the song becomes this big crescendo of Travis Barker with these strings and Matt Skiba gang vocals.