Blink-182 Talk About “The Party Song”

Mark Hoppus of Blink-182 talked with Las Vegas Weekly about playing “The Party Song” during their Las Vegas residency:

I’ll peel back the curtain a little bit. For us and for hardcore Blink fans, it was a cool song, [but it’s] a deep cut from an album that came out almost 20 years ago, so a lot of people just had no idea. And first of all, it’s a hard song to play…It’s super fast. There’s nowhere to breathe. We had to work long and hard at rehearsal so that I sing the majority of the line and Matt sings the end of the line, just long enough for me to take a break and start the next line. It was a lot of work to do, and we played it and some people were like, “I can’t believe they’re playing this!” and some people were like, “What is this song?” These are good problems to have, that your catalog is so big some people don’t recognize the songs.

Mark Hoppus Talks Las Vegas Residency

Mark Hoppus talked with Las Vegas Magazine about Blink-182’s upcoming residency:

Well, we want to make a show that appeals to people who are huge blink-182 fans, who have been following us forever and want to see some of the older stuff, some of the deeper cuts, but we also want to put on a great show for people who are in Vegas for the weekend, who decide, “I want to see blink-182,” so we’re trying to put together a set that will appeal to hardcore fans as well as people who are coming out to their first blink-182 show.

When discussing the idea of something for the 20th anniversary of Enema of the State (next year), Mark said:

Next year will be 20 years of Enema of the State, so it’s definitely something we’ve talked about and is on the horizon. I don’t know that we’ll do a whole album for the residency in Vegas, but it’s definitely something that we plan to do in the future.

Mark Hoppus Gives Hint at Sound of New Blink-182 Songs

Mark Hoppus has commented on Twitter that Blink-182 are working on new music, and while it’s early, it sounds like, “they pick up where Take Off Your Pants and Jacket left off.”

My thoughts? Darker and more riff-based/faster/poppy stuff like TOYPAJ sounds great to me. The biggest hurdle isn’t melodies (Mark’s so good at this) or Feldmann’s production or instrumentation (Matt should feel more comfortable bringing guitar parts to this album) … it’ll be the lyrical content and if they decide to take it up a notch and write about stuff that’s deeper than what they did last time. Make it matter and have some weight. If Mark and Matt do that, I think it’ll be great. If they don’t, the songs will suffer.


Disgraced Fyre Festival Organizer Spent $150k on a Yacht for Blink-182

Page Six:

Infamous Fyre Festival promoter Billy McFarland may have neglected to budget for toilets, but he still managed to drop more than $150,000 on a yacht for the band Blink-182, according to documents obtained by The Post.

McFarland — who’s facing wire fraud charges and a rash of civil cases over the nightmarish music festival in the Bahamas that ended up serving cold cheese sandwiches and forcing guests to live in tents — shelled out $160,000 for the planned headliner’s perk last April, according to his bank statements and a federal source with intimate knowledge of the case.

There’s going to be a nuts documentary made about this entire thing in a few years.

Travis Barker Working on Documentary

Travis Barker of Blink-182 revealed on Kevin & Bean that he is working on a new documentary as a counterpart to his autobiography. He also mentions this is why he was hanging out with Tom DeLonge recently:

So four people were interviewed to create this trailer. It was Mark Hoppus, my dad, and Tom Delonge.

I haven’t really said anything. It’s been in the works. It’s the same people who did Steve Aoki’s documentary. We started talking with them a while back about being inspired by the book but then digging deeper.