Mark Hoppus Confirms New Upcoming Project

Mark Hoppus talked with LiveZone at iHeart’s ALTer Ego over the weekend. He talks about a “new project” that he can’t talk about yet.

Mark was asked, “And now I’ve also heard you have a new project coming up,” to which he replied, “I do, yes! I’m not at liberty to talk about it tonight, but you’re going to find out about it very soon. I’m not supposed to say something yet! But yes, I’m sorry – very soon.”

Blink-182 and The Chainsmokers, Mark Does a Q&A, and Clip of New Music

Last night Mark Hoppus, of Blink-182, did a little Q&A on Twitter. He confirmed that their untitled album, is in fact untitled, and shared the story behind the “apple juice” line in “Adam’s Song”:

I was a kid and my parents were headed for divorce. They were arguing in their room behind a closed door and I was in the hallway listening frightened to their muffled voices. Suddenly the noise stopped, their door opened, and I ran, spilling my apple juice.

The thread is a fun read full of things even I didn’t know. In other Blink-182 news, the band worked on a collaboration with The Chainsmokers, with Mark confirming and saying:

We’ve been friends with them for a few years and have tried to collaborate a bunch of different times, but today our schedules aligned and we were all in the same room at the same time.

And, there’s a clip of what sounds like new Blink-182 playing in John Feldmann’s Instagram story. You can hear that here.

Blink-182 Inspired “Dude Ranch” Dressing Debuts

A couple students from UCLA have created a vegan “Dude Ranch Dressing,” taking the name from Blink-182’s classic album.

“It’s pretty packed with flavor but it’s not overwhelming,” Simmons said. “So it’s a really good balance between this crazy flavor, (but) you can enjoy carrots, or pita bread, or whatever you want to put your ranch on, and it doesn’t take away from the flavor of the food.”

I suppose I’m the only one that wants “Enema of the Salad?”

Travis Barker’s 1967 Cadillac Eldorado Headed To Auction

Sam McEachern, writing a GM Authority:

The Blink 182 drummer bought this extensively modified Eldorado from well-known lowrider builder John D’Agostino, who built it at his Celebrity Kustoms shop in Discovery Bay, California. The list of modifications are too long to go over completely, but it has shaved door handles, an intricate custom ‘fade’ paint job, a custom upholstered interior and much, much more.

More photos of the Cadillac can be found on Sotheby’s website.

Korn Demoing With Travis Barker and John Feldmann

Korn have been working with Travis Barker and John Feldmann on new music:

We’re doing it all over. We’ve been to Nashville a few times, we’ve done a lot in L.A. We actually wrote with John Feldmann, too, for the demos. Travis Barker laid the temporary drums for some, and that was cool. We’ve known John Feldmann since ’87 — he was in Electric Love Hogs. So we’re writing with different people. We grabbed [producer] Nick Raskulinecz, and he’s very hands on and such a fan of music. It’s not a job or a gig to him.