Travis Barker Says Nerve Damage Caused by Medical Malpractice


In the lawsuit — obtained by TMZ — Barker claims in June he went to The Medical Imaging Center in Santa Monica to receive an MRI as part of his routine checkup for his upcoming tour. Barker was to be sedated before the procedure, but technicians were unable to find a vein, sticking him at least 40x times in the process with a dirty needle and giving him staph. He’s suing the medical office.

Travis Barker Involved in Car Accident

Travis Barker of Blink-182 was involved in a car accident with a school bus on Friday, July 13th:

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ no children were on the bus and Travis was not at fault.

After the crash Travis was walking around and did not appear seriously injured, although he did seem dazed. There were passengers in Travis’ car, including his son. We do not know their condition, but the collision was serious enough for Barker’s air bags to deploy.

Blink-182 Funko Are Coming

Funko have announced that Blink-182’s Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker will be made into collectible toys. They will be released in September.

In true Blink-182 fashion, Mark is depicted wearing the blue octopus that has become his signature logo and carrying his signature hot pink bass guitar and Travis is depicted with a backwards cap, face tattoos, skater punk attire and his drumsticks.

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