Gabe Saporta Does Track-by-Track for ‘Hot Mess’ 10-Year Anniversary

Gabe Saporta

Gabe Saporta talked with Alt. Press about the ten year anniversary of Cobra Starship’s Hot Mess.

“Nice Guys Finish Last” was inspired by Britney Spears’ “Toxic,” which is one of the best songs in the last 20 years. It was inspired by that a little bit, and we had to give publishing to the guys who wrote “Toxic” for that song. It’s also about the only job I ever had, which was when I was 17. I worked for my next-door neighbor who was like an old rock ’n’ roller and hired me to do internet stuff for him because I was just a young kid who knew the internet. He just hired me to hang out, and he was just a crazy, obnoxious guy who totally would not be able to exist in today’s universe. But he literally said that to me. He told me that, “Yeah, just treat girls like shit, and they’ll stick to you—stick to the bottom of your shoe.” He literally said that, and I put that into a song, and it sings really nice in the song.