Geoff Rickly on Bro Culture in the Music Scene


Here’s a great thread on Twitter from Geoff Rickly of Thursday talking about toxic masculinity in the music scene:

There are so many idiotic and arrogant statements made by members of both bands in this article. A lot of muddling of issues and bro culture. There’s a recurring idea that sexual assault, misogyny & worse are all “just rock & roll”- maybe that’s why it’s on the decline? Mocking safe spaces at giant fests while courting an audience comprised of a significant number of minors is fucking gross. Pretending that “dangerous” in the context of punk means degrading women or using the stage to bully someone shows you don’t “get it.” The idea of “danger” in punk has had many meanings. All of them subversive: People of different class, race, gender and orientation infiltrating the R&R boys club is dangerous. Being DIY and going against corporate control of music is dangerous. Even playing with such intensity and abandon that you put the moment over your own physical well being is dangerous. The Clash, Nirvana, Black Flag, Bikini Kill, Fugazi… all dangerous. This nonsense on the other hand. This is a fucking frat party. Gross. Unsafe. But not “dangerous” in the context of punk.