‘We’re Not Gonna Do It Man. We Can’t. We Quit.’

Luke O’Neil talked with a variety of artists, including Dan Campbell of The Wonder Years, Riley from Thrice, and Geoff from Thursday about their lowest moments being in a band:

It definitely tests your mettle. I think the biggest thing is, the things you learn from being in band are, well, problem solving is close to the top of that list. What are you going to do if you’re stranded in Germany? What are you going to do when your battery dies on the van and you’re in the middle of the West Texas desert and you have to get to the show the next day? I think without times like that you don’t learn those lessons and you break down. But we just kind of leaned on each other a little bit and said ok let’s fucking figure it out. We can either quit or figure it out.

Geoff Rickly Talks Mental Health


Parker Molloy talked with Geoff Rickly of Thursday about how mental health issues in the arts needs to be talked about more:

“I think mental health is still a source of great shame for most people,” Rickly adds. “Implying that there is anything wrong with their mind is still often considered an insult. For artists, I think there’s a sense that we don’t have much (money, material success) but the one beautiful thing that we get as an artist is a state of mind, a high level of imagination and a lot of time to explore it. If you devalue that, by saying our thinking is sick, it takes away from the one thing we have of any value. Or it can feel that way.”

Geoff Rickly Reveals His Childhood Obsession with Commercial Jingles


Geoff Rickly of Thursday performed at Kops Records early this week and talked about how “This Song Brought to You by a Falling Bomb” came to be:

… and I thought, god, I wish I could write a commercial for a bomb because it’s like the perfect product; people need it, they always want to blow each other up, but you can’t reuse it, so you’ve got to buy a new one every time, and the market doesn’t even set the price; it’s federally funded. Man, this is like the perfect product, and I started writing jingles for bombs and this is the song that came out of it.

He also performed four acoustic songs, which you can watch below.

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