Warped Tour

GoFundMe Started for Warped Tour Medic

A GoFundMe for Warped Tour’s medic, Travis, has been started:

In the course of his job as a music tour medic, Travis is usually the one to be helping others, keeping them safe and healthy while they are away from home. While on tour in Spring of 2018, he went to the nearest hospital because he was not feeling right. That hospital sent him on his way, telling him he was fine. Unfortunately they missed the cancer that had developed and Travis wasn’t diagnosed until he returned home in the summer. Because of this, he missed valuable treatment time.

It will never not depress me that we live in the richest nation in the history of the world … and people have to crowd fund for medical expenses.

Jason Tate
Jason Tate Jason Tate is the founder and editor-in-chief of chorus.fm. He can also be found at @jason_tate on Twitter and on Facebook.