Hippo Campus

Hippo Campus Release ‘Demos 1″

Hippo Campus have released Demos I featuring versions of songs from their recent album, Bambi, to all digital platforms.

Today Hippo Campus share Demos I, a collection of original versions of songs from their sophomore album Bambi. The 8 songs take fans into the world of Hippo Campus’ creative process and show how the band crafted their latest album, a release which has already amassed almost 50 millions streams. It was revealed last week Jake Luppen of the band also plays guitar on Bon Iver’s latest track “Hey Ma.”

Speaking about Demos I Luppen tells us, “During the tail end of the landmark writing sessions we began to demo out recordings on our own for the first time. This was one of the driving forces behind the making of Bambi. Many of the tracks changed pretty drastically from demo to record. We hope that it will help the listener understand our creative process and how much things change from square one.”

Jason Tate
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