One Last Supporter Pitch in August

Today’s the last day of August, and since I’ve made it a goal of mine to pitch the supporter upgrades this month as I get ready to figure out what the next year of Chorus and my work schedule needs to look like, I’d like to do it one last time:

I’ve run some of the math, and basically, if everyone reading this signed up for just one year, this website would be sustainable basically immediately for multiple years. If only a small fraction of the people reading this right now signed up, this website is viable for me to keep running as my full-time job for another year. And, that’s the ultimate goal.

Thanks to everyone that has signed up. Your support made it so I could spend more time writing this past month, and it’s felt really good to do that again.

Jason Tate
Jason Tate Jason Tate is the founder and editor-in-chief of He can also be found at @jason_tate on Twitter and on Facebook.