Opposition and a Shave: Former Obama Aides Counter Trump

The New York Times profiled the three guys behind Crooked Media and their wildly popular podcast, “Pod Save America:”

So they set out to mix jokes with insider descriptions of executive branch norms and interviews, often with people who can recommend political action — a protest, a phone-call campaign, an organizing drive — which is the sort of thing mainstream news media can’t do because, as Mr. Favreau said, “it would be picking a side.”

With episodes being downloaded up to 1.4 million times, according to data they shared from their hosting platform, ART19, they tapped into “a wave of interest about this president, a lot of it based on fear,” Mr. Favreau said.

A few thoughts:

  1. Holy shit is that a huge number of downloads.
  2. The podcast is one of the few I listen to almost immediately when it’s released. Jon Lovett kills me.