Padres & Airwaves: A Baseball Game With Tom DeLonge

Tom Delonge

Tom DeLonge talked with Spin about his upcoming Angels and Airwaves album:

While Lifeforms may not exactly channel the same band that would run nude and screaming into Dylan’s dressing room, DeLonge admits there are likely more elements of Blink-182 (and even Box Car Racer) in the new album than he’s put into his other recent work. The new album is a combination of what he’s done in the past and the music he loved growing up, including bands like Depeche Mode, the Cure, and the Who. Much like DeLonge’s day-to-day life, it covers a lot of seemingly unrelated areas, different people will focus on different things, and the veteran songwriter will somehow glide back and forth gracefully between them all thanks to his secret multitasking weapon: “ADHD,” he says, “fucking works.”

There’s even a Blink-182 story:

“It’s funny, because we’d play with all these big bands, but Blink was always just different,” DeLonge recalls, pausing with a smile to consider which ridiculous story he wants to tell this time. “One time, Hoppus ran completely naked into Jakob Dylan’s dressing room when we were playing with the Wallflowers. They’re all fancy, and he’s just completely naked with suds all over his body, dick out and everything. He goes in there and starts yelling ‘Who the fuck took my towel?! Where’s my fucking towel?!’ and then slams the door and leaves. He sounded so serious. It was some Academy Award-winning shit. Oh my god, I had a heart attack. It was the funniest fucking thing I’d ever seen. They didn’t like to joke at all. They didn’t think it was funny at all. But we were just always squeezing by, and that was kind of our way.”