Rare Fall Out Boy Demo Tape Being Auctioned Off

A copy of Fall Out Boy’s first demo tape is being raffled off tomorrow by Christopher Gutierrez (HeyChris) to benefit The Catcade, a Chicago nonprofit cat rescue/arcade combo.

This is the first and original Fall Out Boy demo tape. Maybe like 50 ever made. One of the few pieces of early-2000s pop punk history I have collected that I said I would never sell, is now being raffled off to raise money for my non-profit charity @thecatcade – for every $10 donated between now and Saturday at TheCatcade.org , your name will be entered into a drawing and the winner will be chosen live and fairly this Saturday. Good luck.

Donations can be made here.

Jason Tate
Jason Tate Jason Tate is the founder and editor-in-chief of chorus.fm. He can also be found at @jason_tate on Twitter and on Facebook.