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Fall Out Boy

Patrick Stump to Score Documentary Series

Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy will also be scoring the upcoming documentary series Let Science Speak. Business Insider reports:

The series features a stunning, original score by composer, and Fall Out Boy front man, Patrick Stump (Pacific Rim, Big Hero 6). “When I was a little kid, if you had asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up I would always say “Scientist,” without hesitation,” says Stump. “So to use my music to help tell the stories of these people who are essentially my heroes is very cool.”

Let Science Speak will inform and engage viewers about the importance of science in our ever-evolving world. Each episode features a scientist and their field.

Patrick Stump Talks Scoring New Film ‘Spell’

Billboard sat own with Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy:

I’ve scored a few films and some shows; I’m not an old pro but I’m comfortable as a composer now. He’s the first director — or anyone involved in production I’ve worked with — who’s also a pretty great musician. It was one of the easiest I worked on because there were just language things… He was so quick to describing what he meant. It’s one thing to describe, say, chords: “Why don’t we go to a minor here?” But it’s another thing, not just knowing the nomenclature, to also know the purpose behind stuff. “Why don’t we try something like this here?” He has a very clear idea of what he wanted and it allowed me to just play.

Video Interview With Fall Out Boy

Pete Wentz and Andy Hurley talk with Rock Sound in a new video interview:

The one thing that I would do differently in the future is listen to the kids on that aspect- because they just drive that anyway. ‘Last Of The Real Ones’ is a single- it’s just not a single that’s on the radio. But it’s on the internet like a motherfucker. And so that part- I wouldn’t say that it was unsuccessful- it was just a learning experience for us. But I think it was a successful transition.

Review: Fall Out Boy – Lake Effect Kid

Fall Out Boy - Lake Effect Kid

“I love you, Chicago,” Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy sings on the closing notes of the second track “City in a Garden,” and, in a lot of ways, Lake Effect Kid, is very much a love letter to Chicago and all of the band’s memories surrounding their city. Nostalgia aside, Fall Out Boy have shown that they have not peaked, and the Lake Effect Kid EP showcases some of their best work to date.

New Fall Out Boy EP Reportedly Coming Soon

Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy confirmed with ABC Radio that the band is “just about done” with a new EP and are aiming to release it in September:

As for what’s on the EP, Wentz says it’ll include a full version of the Fall Out Boy demo “Lake Effect Kid,” which was recorded around the band’s 2008 album Folie a Deux, as well as a “semi-new” song and a “really new” one.

Fall Out Boy Releasing Vinyl Box Set

Fall Out Boy will be releasing a new vinyl box set on September 28th. The box set will include the albums on 180 gram black, and there will be additional reissues later this year on colored vinyl:

American Beauty/American Psycho (180g black & white swirl), Folie À Deux (180g opaque brown), From Under The Cork Tree (180g red & black split), and Infinity On High (180g clear with red splatter), all on 26 October. Then, on 14 December, Save Rock And Roll (PAX•AM Edition) will become available for the first time ever as a 2LP set on 180g red vinyl with black smoky swirls.

Amazon has a listing for the box set, and a cool unboxing video can be found here.

Patrick Stump Composing Score for ‘Alice in Wonderland’

Dana Schwartz, writing for Entertainment Weekly:

“When you’re doing a score, it’s kind of like acting, really, because you have to get in the head of a character,” said Stump, “whereas with Fall Out Boy, if I’m writing a song, I’m going to have to get on stage every night and sing that. It’s really for me. Writing a song is more — not selfish, but you’re focused on what you would want, whereas in a film you’re just focused on telling the story.”