Reports: Brand New Send Out CD With New Music on It

This morning mysterious packages started showing up in Brand New fans’ mailboxes. They come with photos, some quotes from some movies, and a CD. The CD has been confirmed to contain new music on it.

I’ll update this post with more information throughout the day as more is discovered, but if you want up to the minute updates on everything, this forum thread is a great resource.

Update #1: Some photos of the package:

Update #2: Reports are that there are between 12-13 songs.

Update #3: A Facebook group is apparently live streaming some of the CD. I can’t believe that’s how people are experiencing the probable final Brand New album: streamed from some shitty speakers over Facebook. Alas, that is the life of a Brand New fan.

Update #4: Based off of Shazam, the album is showing as being called Science Fiction with this artwork.

Update #5: Not a whole lot new at the moment, everyone’s just chilling, waiting to see if the album leaks. The music has been described as more relaxed, chill, but with some heaviness and intensity mixed in. There are apparently some spoken word parts as well. Neither “I Am a Nightmare” or “Sealed to Me” have been reported as being on the album.

Update #6: The album has leaked.

Update #7: The album has been released.