The Joys of


John Voorhees, writing at MacStories:

There are a million questions that could be answered by Apple Music that aren’t, and that’s a shame.

Spotify does a better job at surfacing interesting data with Wrapped, but if you’re like me and prefer other aspects of Apple Music, sign up for, use one of the many excellent indie apps, like Marvis ProSoorAlbumsLongplayDoppler, and Air Scrobblethat support the service, and then enjoy your weekly, monthly, and annual reports in’s app or on its website.

I 100% agree. Not only does let you look into the data whenever you want, but you can also have your entire year of listening history at your disposal. And past years. There’s never a better time to start scrobbling than now, and the end of the year is a great time to begin collecting the data.

I use Marvis on iOS and Neptunes on the Mac and am happy with both. Passed the 100k scrobble mark this year and set a new personal record for number of songs listened to.