The Irish sibling duo of Steph and Paul O’Sullivan, better known as Greywind, released their debut full-length record in 2017 and have come full circle now with a renewed focus and energy on Antidote. With creative control firmly in the band’s corner, Antidote is a strong collection of songs that complement the energy that Paul (guitars) and Steph (vocals) have with each other as musicians. The set was produced by Sam Guaiana (Silverstein, Neck Deep), and showcases the band’s continued growth. With a slick-sounding mix between emo and pop-punk, Greywind sound like a blend between Paramore and The Wonder Years.

The overall aesthetic, from the dreary cover art to the vibe put forth in their energetic music videos, meshes well with the overall sound from this talented band. From the opening bars of “Swing and Sway” to the epic closer of “You’re My Medicine,” Greywind highlight why they’re quickly becoming one of the most buzzed about acts in the indie punk scene. The guitar parts by Paul O’Sullivan are all well thought out, purposeful, poignant, and utterly powerful in their delivery, while Steph O’Sullivan’s vocals shimmer over the mix. Other songs like the title track and “Glimmer” paint a picture of a band that fully realizes their vision for the music, and has the talent to back it up. Greywind should be firmly planted on your radar for the foreseeable future.