Anti-Flag Announce ‘Live and Acoustic in Vienna’


Anti-Flag will be releasing an acoustic EP on June 24th. The EP will be a direct-to-vinyl release, called Live and Acoustic in Vienna, and all the proceeds will be donated to Amnesty International. You can pre-order it now on Bandcamp.

When you’ve been a band as long as Anti-Flag has its hard to find not only new things to do, but really exciting things to do. To be allowed to have a group of punks invade Supersense in Vienna, which is essentially a museum to vintage recording and musical equipment was an amazing privilege. These songs are one take. Recorded direct to vinyl. There is only 1 copy of that piece of wax, the digital version of these songs are ripped right from that record. 1 take. 1 record. All proceeds going to Amnesty International. It doesn’t get more punk rock than that. Thanks to all involved, buy the tracks, they’re really special versions of these songs and for a really important cause. Peace!

To win the unique (one of a kind) recording on vinyl:
a) buy the record (on iTunes, Bandcamp or AmazonMP3) until July 31st 2016
b) forward the buying-reciept/confirmation to
c) One person will be selected at random to win the One-of-a-Kind vinyl record
d) buying the record mutiple times will raise your chance to win the vinyl recording!