Batch Two and Three of First Impression Blogs

Last week I posted about bringing over my first impression blogs from the forums for supporters of the website. Today I’ve got a some more to share:

Batch Three

Batch Two

Batch One

I’ve got one more group to move over and then I’ll be posting new ones on the main website, in our review database, roughly one day after they first appear live in our supporter forum.

One last quick note: The supporter system that powers the forums is different than the one that powers the main website. So, currently, if you’re a community package member you can view all of these first impressions in your exclusive supporter forum, whereas patron package members can view them here on the main site. I am going to be combining the two systems in the near future and then community/forum members will be able to access these blogs in both places. Thankfully that means I’ll also be able to move away from PayPal as a payment processor in the forums. (If you’re a community package member and are dying to do that before I get the full transition system in place, hit me up in the supporter forum and we can talk about the process.)

Thank you to all the supporters of the website. I hope you enjoy this little look into my brain as I listen to music. As always, thank you for reading and I hope everyone has a fantastic little holiday break. We’ll be posting news over the next few days, but it’ll be a slightly relaxed schedule as everyone is out having BBQs and watching fireworks.