Birds in Row Drop Off Hellfest


Birds in Row have dropped off the festival following allegations against the festival staff.

We will not play Hellfest.

For the last couple of years, the position of the festival on issues such as the MusicToo movement or the place of extreme right-wing ideologies in our scenes hasn’t been clear enough. We thought that our place was on stage, to spread the word and try to convince a crowd we wouldn’t reach outside of this festival, that these issues needed to be addressed.

Now, with the recent allegations of sexual harassment within the festival staff, it is hard for us to candidly keep thinking that change will come that way. We realize the best way for us to express our discontent is to leave.

We maintain our support to all the victims who decide to talk, facing the violences of a world which doesn’t want the change it requires. Sorry if we disappoint anyone, in any ways, we try to to disappoint ourselves as well with the choices we make.