Clearing Up Some Blink-182 Rumors


Mark Hoppus of Blink-182 took to his Discord today to clear up a few random rumors that had started circling around the ‘ol internet. While speculation around Tom DeLonge’s return to the band happens with just about every single social media post he makes, last week things were kicked into high-gear because he updated his bio to include the band’s name in it, Funko’s celebrating the band’s 30-year anniversary were announced and promoted by him, and Matt Skiba commented that he didn’t know the current status of the band.

Toss in a radio station in Chicago saying an announcement was coming, and, we got some chaos-182 for the band’s anniversary. The updates from Mark can be found below, but the basics are: no extra announcement coming today, no tour dates are currently planned, check the official channels for information about the band, and they will be touring again in the future. As for today’s news: they have some new anniversary merch up, the Funkos are up for pre-sale at various retailers (more, more, and UK more), and my recommendation as someone that’s been covering this band for most of their career: it’s best to just wait until someone you trust spills the beans instead of reading into bio changes or cryptic social media posts.