Culture Abuse Break Up

Culture Abuse

Culture Abuse have broken up.

We have experienced David‘s erratic behavior before but we always took it as an immense passion for this band and David’s ultimate goals in music. Some people can say that this was our way of allowing David‘s behavior to continue but we looked at it as a support system to help a person change. However with the lack of honesty from David about his roles in abuse against women and its severity, we ultimately led David to not hold himself accountable and for that we are extremely sorry. Because we do believe people can change with a lot of hard work, without self accountability there can be no change. We will no longer open the associate with David because of his actions, however we feel it is important that David seeks therapy to unlearn his past behavior and attitude and ensure other victims and survivors receive the justice they deserve and to most importantly prevent further abuse. This is not just David’s issue it is our issue, it is a men’s misconduct issue.