Foxing Announce Partnership With Hopeless Records


Foxing announces a new partnership between their label, Grand Paradise, and Hopeless Records.

Today Foxing announces a new partnership between their recently-minted label, Grand Paradise, and esteemed indie Hopeless Records. To celebrate, Foxing has released a new song and video in "Go Down Together," and as only they can, they tackle a massive subject in an extraordinary way.

The St. Louis group takes a bold turn towards Passion Pit/Phoenix/MGMT/'00s indie on the track, as vocalist Conor Murphy muses on being a young adult in debt ("ever since I got going, I've been going for broke"). A nod to “The Trail’s End” by Bonnie Parker, “Go Down Together” is a song about devotion and desperation. It is about financial ruin, hopeless grief, and the resilience of love.