Foxing in Van Accident


Foxing were in a van accident last night. They are all ok and going to try and continue their tour. A full statement from the band can be found below.

Last night, on a two lane road in the mountains of Northern California, a truck slid out of their lane and hit us head on. At the time we were parked on the shoulder while a few of us were attempting to remove large rocks from the middle of the road, due to a sizable landslide. The driver of the truck didn’t start braking for what felt like an eternity; they hit us at about 40-50 mph. We were later told that a large rock was wedged under one of their tires and it slid them over 10ft and right into us.

Aside from a few injuries (**only one trip to the hospital**) everyone is alive and in relatively okay spirits. We’re all shaken up but at the same time feel extremely lucky. Had we not been parked we would have likely been pushed off the side of a mountain. Had the truck slid any further off it would have hit the two of us who were out of the van.

The van we were in may be totaled, we don’t really know. We do know that it won’t be finishing out the tour with us. It’s weird even talking about the van right now–on one hand it’s another financial hit on this tour, but all in reality, when the entire inside of your vehicle is being illuminated from headlights barreling towards you, the van or the money cease to exist. When it comes to the van, I dunno, we’ll figure it out.

Quickly we just want to say how thankful we are for the firefighters, police officers, and EMTs who helped us and the people in the other vehicle–none of them will likely ever see this, but thank you. Also, thanks to Balance and Composure, who helped pick people up from the hospital, and who are, at the time of this writing, giving three of us a ride to Portland so we can hopefully get another van.

We’re trying to persevere. We know there are people who have purchased tickets and want to see us play; all I can say is that we’re trying and thank you for your understanding.

We’re attempting to make it to the Portland show tonight; we’ll let you know if anything changes.
Call your mom today; tell her that you love her.