Foxing – “Indica” Video


Foxing have released their video for “Indica.”

Initially I wrote a version of the video that closely played off the subject matter of the lyrics. The idea of music videos depicting what’s being sang is, as a matter of personal taste, traditionally something we’ve shied away from; however, the song is so direct that it seemed impossible to go any other way with it. That specific treatment ended up being pulled for reasons unrelated to the content, and since I had already tackled the most direct approach, I decided to go for something completely unrelated to war and post traumatic stress disorder. At the time I was watching a lot of espionage movies, like Sneakers, The Lives of Others, and The Conversation, you know, and I became obsessed with the idea these surveillance operators; specifically how their one sided relationship with their subjects would affect them. It really wasn’t until the video was completely finished that I realized how close the video parallels my struggle with coming home from war; every character depicts an aspect, or a fragment of the whole. I didn’t mean for that to happen and it really affected me when I saw what we made.