Jeff Rosenstock – “Wave Goodnight to Me” Video

Jeff Rosenstock will release his new album, Worry, on October 14th. He’s released a video for the new track “Wave Goodnight to Me” and pre-orders are now up.

Track Listing

  1. We Begged To Explode
  2. Pash Rash
  3. Festival Song
  4. Staring Out the Window at Your Old Apartment
  5. Wave Goodnight To Me
  6. To Be a Ghost…
  7. Pietro, 60 Years Old
  8. I Did Something Weird Last Night
  9. Blast Damage Days
  10. Bang on the Door
  11. Rainbow
  12. Planet Luxury
  13. Hellllhoooole
  14. June 21st
  15. The Fuzz
  16. …While You’re Alive
  17. Perfect Sound Whatever