Kid Francescoli – “You Are Everywhere” (Video Premiere)

Today is a great day to share the latest single and music video from Kid Francescoli called “You Are Everywhere.” The song comes from the artist’s new LP Sunset Blue, that will be coming out this September, and he fits well with the modern electronic music being put out today, but with a style unique to himself. I was also able to catch up with this artist for a brief interview about his music below.

How would you say “You Are Everywhere” introduces the next Kid Francescoli project? Why did you choose it as your first new single?
Musically I’ve imagined it as a link between some of my past productions and a new path, so it’s a good way to come back I guess. Also I’ve choose it because it’s probably my most personal song, and as such it sums up the whole idea behind the next album, which has been inspired by my roots and childhood. And as it’s the first song that I’ve completed for that album, we’ve started playing it on stage during the last tour with a good welcome, so it also makes sense chronologically.

How did you go about conceptualizing this track’s accompanying music video? Can you describe the behind-the-scenes process? 

The idea we developed with Nicolas Despis (director) was to focus on the songwriting process, to stay in the intimate/personal field. So we thought about this come and go between me chilling, daydreaming, reading and the things that influences me like the sea, love, movies, family. All of it together is what influence me, unconsciously, when I write music.

You also recently composed the soundtrack for a film called AZURO. How did that project inform what’s next in terms of your personal musical endeavours, including this new single? Would you say both projects share similarities?

I would say the opposite, because with Azuro I had this guideline which was to record music that goes with a movie that had a lazy/sweaty/summery feeling, so most of it were very slow songs, which I love to write and record. So I took the other way round when the time came to work on the new album, plus I was on tour at the time and all I was experiencing every night were crowds of people smiling and dancing and singing, and i wanted to keep that vibe on the record.