Mark Hoppus Gives Hint at Sound of New Blink-182 Songs


Mark Hoppus has commented on Twitter that Blink-182 are working on new music, and while it’s early, it sounds like, “they pick up where Take Off Your Pants and Jacket left off.”

My thoughts? Darker and more riff-based/faster/poppy stuff like TOYPAJ sounds great to me. The biggest hurdle isn’t melodies (Mark’s so good at this) or Feldmann’s production or instrumentation (Matt should feel more comfortable bringing guitar parts to this album) … it’ll be the lyrical content and if they decide to take it up a notch and write about stuff that’s deeper than what they did last time. Make it matter and have some weight. If Mark and Matt do that, I think it’ll be great. If they don’t, the songs will suffer.