Straylight Run Plays First Show in 12 Years

Straylight Run

Straylight Run played their first show in 12 years last night, and Brooklyn Vegan has some photos from the show:

Straylight Run’s nine-song setlist pulled almost entirely from their debut, hitting underrated cuts like “The Tension and the Terror,” “Tool Sheds and Hot Tubs,” “Sympathy For the Martyr,” “For the Best,” and “Another Word for Desperate,” as well as the bigger fan faves like “Your Name Here (Sunrise Highway)” (which John opened by telling the crowd how the “very Long Island” song took place on a street that was just around the corner, and also how technically the song references “Carmans Rd,” but that he changed it to “Carmans Avenue” so it would rhyme), and of course “Hands in the Sky (Big Shot)” and “Existentialism on Prom Night,” both of which had the crowd singing like they thought no one was listening.