The Ghost Inside Regret Firing Bassist

The Ghost Inside

The Ghost Inside reveal in a new podcast that they regret firing their bassist for all the racist shit.

We were just feeling the pressure from fans, people on social media, and even some peers We felt the pressure and we made a decision against the wishes of our management and label. I think we all just saw something going on that was like a lose/lose. And we just felt like that was the call to make at the time and immediately felt bad and felt wrong. We knew that, we never stopped talking to Jim or anything. We literally have chatted every day since.

Lambgoat has more of the transcription so you don’t have to listen:

Looking back now, we definitely acted hastily and definitely made the wrong call. It’s so hard to understand all the mental gymnastics you have to do in a situation like that, under pressure, and how hard it is to process everything that’s coming at you all at once. It’s so easy to jump to the wrong decision just based on the pressures of what’s going on on the Internet.