Tyson Ritter’s New Band Announces Debut Album

Tyson Ritter of All-American Rejects has a new project called Now More Than Ever. Their new album, Creatrix, will be out on March 17th, 2023. The debut single “Don’t Rush, Don’t Wait” is out today.

After spending the past 20 years in the studio, on concert stages all over the world and at the literal top of the charts, All-American Rejects co-founder Tyson Ritter didn’t start Now More Than Ever in 2018 with the expectation it would turn into a real band – but a real band is very much what it has become. In tandem with veteran musicians/songwriters/producers Scott Chesak (All-American Rejects, Panic! At the Disco, Weezer) and Izzy Fontaine (Taking Back Sunday, Tegan & Sara, Glassjaw), Ritter has begun a meaningful and exciting new chapter in his music career with Now More Than Ever’s debut album Creatrix, which will be released March 17, 2023, by Thirty Tigers.

Now More Than Ever shimmers with a spirit of freedom, its nine tracks gracefully surfing the peaks of the past four decades of pop and rock. These are the kinds of songs that used to be on the radio and certainly still should be today – the ones that make you dance, shake your ass and forget about everything else for a while. 

First single “Don’t Rush, Don’t Wait” embodies that vibe, with Ritter’s narrator tied up in knots about how to approach a crush with “the grace of a queen” and the ageless cool of Joan Jett. Listen to the single HERE and watch the Jon Danovic-directed video HERE.

“This video is an analogy for us as a band. We were all artistically on autopilot or sleeping, and the music woke us up. Together with Jon Danovic we got to create a visual representation of this awakening that embodies what music is to us: freedom, joy, and adventure.” 

Now More Than Ever is here to help make sure the pillars of pop and rock will never fall, and they’re prepared to go down believing. “This is our little monolith,” Ritter says. “It might be six feet tall amongst giants, but it’s pure. And it’s truth for us. It’s saccharine as fuck, and I love it.”