Underoath Sign with MNRK


Underoath have signed with MNRK Music Group and will release their new single “Let Go” on March 3rd.

Underoath announces label signing to MNRK Heavy for a worldwide deal and shares teaser for new single, “Let Go” today - listen here. 
In discussing the excitement of the label signing, Scott Givens, SVP of MNRK Music Group,  said, “Rarely does the opportunity present itself to partner with a band as amazing as Underoath. When that opportunity was presented, we seized it immediately, and speaking for the entire company; we are truly honored they gave us a chance to work with them on their upcoming recordings.  The band has had a remarkable career, and all of us at the MRNK Music Group can’t wait to accompany them on their next phase of it.”
Underoath added, “Choosing who we partner with in releasing our music is always a huge decision. The team at MNRK simply rules, understands our vision, and is passionate about the music. We couldn’t be more excited and ready to work with the MNRK team to release some of our favorite work to date.”
The band will perform the first show of 2023 on February 18 in Orlando at the Heartsupport Festival following the Blind Obedience Tour starting on March 3 in Silver Spring with Periphery and Loathe concluding on April 2 in Nashville plus festivals at the Slam Dunk Festival and Inkcarceration Festival.

UNDEROATH reinvents the balance between chaos and harmony with each successive release. Their compositions, conjured from creative tension, become iconoclastic anthems. Even when the band almost combusts, the crackling energy coalesces into something deeply resonant for millions.
Their pair of gold albums and three Grammy nominations stand in stark defiance of the idea of commercial compromise. The Underoath catalog weaponizes noise, aggression, and ambiance as skillfully as melody. The combination of heaviness and headiness found on Define the Great Line makes it the only record of its kind to debut at No. 2 on the Billboard 200.
The heart of their sound, which delivers naked vulnerability with thrilling force and cinematic lushness, can be heard in generations of bands who’ve pursued their trail.
Walking an artistic tightrope between immersive access and isolationist otherness, Underoath owns the space between huge choruses and forward-thinking heaviness, both on record and onstage.