A Static Lullaby
Faso Latido

A Static Lullaby - Faso Latido

Does this band even have fans anymore? A Static Lullaby has returned with their major label debut but sadly nobody seems to care. The disinterest shown by music fans is not unmerited. Faso Latido is an uninspired sophomore album, full of predictable transitions, lackluster energy, and over the top production. The one thing that made A Static Lullaby remotely enjoyable in the first place was the fact that they had a moderate amount of energy. When this energy was manifested, the band truly put forth a good sound. Sadly, this album contains none of it. A Static Lullaby has two vocalists – the singer also drums, and then there’s the screamer who runs around stage awkwardly when he has nothing to do (see Atreyu, Underoath). While those bands have released follow-up albums that utilize all their vocalists, ASL’s sophomore effort does the opposite. A majority of the vocals are now singing only, in fact there are some songs where there is virtually no screaming at all. I’m not condoning or suggesting excessive amounts of screaming by any means, but the entire album lacks life. “Stand Up” is a catchy number that lasts for about 45 seconds before a sharp realization came to me – A Static Lullaby has turned into every other radio screaming band out there. Short verses, predictable choruses that get repeated over and over again for some instant sugar coated bullshit to make listeners happy. Put “Stand Up” on the new Trapt album and I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. The screaming, when used, is as obnoxious as ever. It comes in awkward places and is too intense for the often laid back musicianship. Additionally, the slow chanting/talking into screaming transition can only be used so many times.

It’s not like the album is all bad. “Radio Flyer’s Last Journey” is a ripping track that is full of energy. However, over time all energy is sacrificed while the band’s pop tendencies take over. I enjoyed parts of this record, but it truly lacks a cohesive feel to be a worthy effort. The band has chosen to steer away from raw energy to settle for a safer rock format. The album also reeks of overproduction, which really attests to the fact there is no energy. It gets to the point where I didn’t even feel like I was listening to music anymore, just a creation of pro tools and hours of mastering. 

Faso Latido is just flat out boring. A Static Lullaby is a moderately talented band, the vocalists have good voices, the drummer is good, they’ve just fallen victim to the major label bug. Steer clear from this yawner of an album and check out a band that writes more inspired music.

This article was originally published on AbsolutePunk.net